D'Styles Offers The Best Haircuts In Paulding County!

Money On The Track!
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Adult Prices

Basic Service  $30

Full Service  $40

Premium Service  $60

Kids Prices

Basic Haircut  $20

Styled Haircut  $25

Seniors Prices

Basic Service  $10

Full Service  $20

*Here's a starting point for our prices...all prices are available when booking services

D'Styles Barber Shop provides you with the highest quality barber care and customer service.  Our certified team of licensed barbers are the best and have the highest ratings from our clients online!  If you want to be featured online just leave us a message and we'll get you on here looking like a star!  Then tell your friends to check you out online.  Each client has different features so we'll tailor your haircut with the proper fade height and cutting techniques for you.

We accept cash, credit cards, ApplePay, SamsungPay, GooglePay, Cash App and Bitcoin.

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